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A Couple GREAT Reviews of My Book!

While preparing for my transition from the Marine Corps in 2018 I did a lot of research. One of the (many) things I was not good at, was understanding the frame of mind of potential employers and how they viewed military service. Better yet was also trying to understand how to articulate my value to organizations that didn't have an understanding of veterans. I've yet to find another book like the one William E. "Bill" Kieffer wrote titled, "Military Career Transition, Insights from the Employer Side of the Desk." This is a must read for transitioning military members. The insights gained from Bill's own military transition coupled with his extensive 20+ years in corporate America is insight that is beneficial for all. We are not alone in transition, reach out to a fellow veteran and spark a question about their experience. LinkedIn makes the world just a little smaller so you can connect with phenomenal people like Bill. If you haven't read this book yet, I highly encourage you to do so. You will thank me for this one. This book should be funded by congress and given to every service member that is transitioning.

Jason Politte, RBLP-T, USMC (Retired); Chief of People & Program Development; Continuing Education; Building Resilient Teams


I’m not even halfway through with this book and I am convinced that it may be the most important publication for military transitioners seeking civilian employment.

An absolute home run, William E. "Bill" Kieffer.

Adam Braatz, I Empower Veterans to Thrive Through Professional Network, Branding, and Career Transition Education; Content Strategist; Author; USAF Veteran


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