A Few Bullets to "Optimize Your Talent Capability"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the University of Toledo Launchpad Incubator's "Launch Hour" event. The august panel offered their insights re: “Climbing the Corporate Ladder”.

While the topic was focused on advancing in a corporate environment, the content holds value for people in many contexts … corporate/ non-corporate, military veteran/non-veteran.

A few bullets I took away to help "optimize your talent capability":

- Do the work

- Be vulnerable

- Its one thing to get the job ... yet another to keep it

- Define what success looks like up front

- Always seek to 'understand' before being 'understood'

- Find a mentor

- Trust your team

- Keep options open and be open to opportunities

- 'Aspiration' is key to career progression ('ability' and 'availability' are critical also)

- Take your lumps

- You’re never fully prepared for everything

- Volunteer

- Embrace and leverage technology ... as it evolves it influences the business environment

- Generational differences can have huge positive impact if people are willing to come together and appreciate/leverage them

- Plateaus are only a perception ... you make your career and choices ... if you feel your career is staggering do something different to move forward

- Don’t 'jump' just to 'jump' ... careers don’t move at Instagram pace

- Organizations will learn who wants and are able to take on more (by watching performance)

- Everything is connected ... work is part of life ... stay balanced

- No one cares more about your career than you

- There are always 'other duties as assigned'

- 'Doing your job' includes helping others perform well and improve

- Don’t run 'from' things, run 'to' things

- Ask for feedback ... and receive it well

- Ambition is awesome … blatant, overbearing self-promotion can hurt you

- 'Culture' exists in every organization. It varies with every team. Be aware. Understand. Adapt.

- Be positive and respectful. The person you dismissed yesterday might just be your boss tomorrow.

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