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Career transition is about YOU and about the FUTURE.

Who are you? What do you bring to the party? How do you define success? Understanding these is core to an efficient, effective transition, a solid landing and a great future. Benjamin Hardy's Harvard Business Review article “Take Ownership of Your Future Self” is helpful on both counts. The article highlights that we continue to evolve throughout our lives. Who we are today is different than who we were yesterday, and different than who we will be tomorrow. The article goes on to cite Dr. Daniel Gilbert, who notes that most people tend to think that the person they are today is the person they will always be. Prevalent as this perception may be, it is simply inaccurate; we are works progress and are never really ‘finished’. Similar to Matthew McConaughey's awards ceremony speech about his hero being himself 10 years from now, we all continue to grow and change. The article goes on to note that our future selves are not out of our control. We are not destined to simply be tossed about by life’s circumstances and events, shaped in some random, uncontrolled manner into some undefinable someone. The author offers three strategies to help you become your desired future self. Step 1: Distinguish Your Former, Current, and Future Selves - Be wary of describing yourself in definitive terms – they limit your imagination of who you might become. Step 2: Imagine Your Future Desired Self – this can be tough. Generally, people are more comfortable clinging to what is know versus exploring the unknown. That said, without a clear definition, planning a path to success and taking meaningful action become quite challenging. Step 3: Change Your Identity Narrative – Identity drives behaviors, and impacts personality. Focusing your narrative on the future you sets the stage for new behaviors, new personality, and the future you. Understanding the future you is key to career transition success. It enables planning and action that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. If you’d like to learn more, give me a shout!

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