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Employers Aren't the Enemy!

I've had countless career transition conversations with service members and veterans.

When the topic of 'employers' comes up, there seems to be confusion about how to think about them.

At first this puzzled me - after all, every one of these folks had been working for an 'employer' for years.

I'll suggest to two factors causing this:

1) the civilian employment world is foreign and very different

2) there is little discussion about what employers seek/need in the overall transition conversation (which is why I wrote my book)

Folks often default to 'employers' as the 'enemy'.

I get it. Going through the pain of job search, interviews, rejection, ambiguous processes, unclear timelines and other expectations, can sure feel like dealing with an 'enemy'.

But - employers aren't the enemy. In fact, they are potential allies!

Shifting your perspective from 'enemy' to 'ally' can improve your transition experience with employers.

- Understand what you both need

- Understand what you both offer

- Learn how you might work together for mutual benefit

- Leverage strengths and differences

- Build win-win relationships

- Be accountable

As you transition, think about employers as potential allies.

Do your part to vet them and the value they bring you. If positive, great! If not, thank them for their time, learn from the experience, and leverage your learning to improve your transition efforts!

Be well. Keep up the fire.

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