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Great read ... spot on target for career transition.

I recently read the Harvard Business Review article "Switching Jobs? Here's How to Make Sure You Won't Regret It" by Susan Peppercorn.

Key takeaways:

- Harris Poll indicates ~20% of job changers wish they hadn't.

- Poll by The Muse reported that ~3/4 of job changers found their new job to be 'very different' from what they were led to believe / thought it would be.

Four Strategies to help (and my paraphrased takeaways):

1. Structure Your Decision Process (ID your target and decision criteria - before you decide!)

2. Ask Exploratory Questions (Job Expectations? Employee engagement? Growth potential? Employee retention? etc.)

3. Beware of YOUR Cognitive biases (Don't overlook red-flags, because the shiny parts look sexy.)

4. Seek Insider Perspectives (NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!!)

Be well my friends. Keep up the fire!

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