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More Than Just Words

“Be well. Keep up the fire.” is a phrase I adopted years ago.

It resonated for me.

I didn’t think too much about why.

It still resonates for me.

Probably always will.

But why?

In the quiet of this chilly morning, while reflecting over a coffee, I realized why.

“Be well” is about Hope. It reflects my consistent and sincere good wishes for others and my hope for their health, wealth, and happiness.

“Keep up the fire” is a reminder to stay resilient; to use your resources to the very best of your ability; to push on no matter the challenges, obstacles or headwinds.

Like so many others, my life has been full of wins, losses, obstacles and opportunities.

Hope and Resilience have carried me through the tough times and have helped me realize the full potential of the good times.

Perhaps they will do the same for you.

Be well my friends. Keep up the fire!

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