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$$$ Show Me The Money $$$

Money matters. I like money. But if money is your main focus in career transition, you're missing the big picture.

I've talked with many folks who transitioned careers, landed well-paying gigs and were miserable. Guess what - they are looking to transition again.

I've done it ... more than once (apparently I'm a slow learner).

Got the big bucks but didn't fit in the workplace culture ... wasn't even close to happy ... quality of life was miserable.

On one occasion, I simply made bad decision. I ignored my gut instinct (and my wife's insight). I chased the money. After a very short time I left. I was in transition again.

On the other occasion the job started off great! Met all my expectations. I was happy. Then the company evolved. The culture changed. The benefits changed. The money changed. Things were not good. I stayed far longer than I should have. My quality of life plummeted. My happy-meter bottomed out. Eventually I left. I was in transition AGAIN.

Over time I learned. I managed to find roles that met every need in my "Total Compensation" equation.

As you consider your future, do yourself a favor - look at the big picture. Make decisions that align with more than your wallet.

If you'd like to learn more, give me a shout!

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