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Spectacular Success - Inspiring But Not Common

LinkedIn, social media, literature and lore are full of stories of spectacular achievements, exceptional experiences, jobs, careers, and opportunities that are nothing short of spectacular.

These can be inspiring. They can bring hope to the reader/listener that great things really are achievable. They represent the far positive tail of life's bell curve.

All this said, most of life for most people does not occur on the far positive end of life's bell curve.

The spectacular is inspiring but we must also be ready for the ordinary. The day to day. The mundane. The stuff behind the scenes that sets the stage for the spectacular.

Far and away, the people we see experiencing great success, those that make it seem easy, those whose life seems blessed by one great win after another, have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, and years perfecting their craft, their network, their pitch, and so much more - all of which happens outside the bright lights of social media.

They understand that every great achievement is the product of great investment - time, effort, money and so on.

They’ve made investment decisions that enable current and future success.

They’ve defined (and continually re-defined) success.

They weren’t just busy, they were adding value - to their lives and their careers.

In short, they optimized the ordinary. They managed the mundane. And having done so, their journey included spectacular success.

Let the spectacular inspire you - to have great aspiration; to do the work; to invest in yourself; to manage the mundane and to optimize the ordinary.

Be well my friends. Keep up the fire!

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