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The Interview Funnel

Interviewing is not a natural act for most people. Many folks in career transition / job search have very little experience interviewing.

Despite these truths, interviewing is a real thing. It remains a critical, unavoidable component of the hiring process.

A great friend and mentor once told me that hiring managers hire people for two reasons: 1. you've done the work they need done (successfully & recently), and 2. They 'like' you (believe you will fit in their team/culture).

There are myriad resources available addressing interviewing skills and techniques but there seems to be a gap simply describing how the interview chain of events unfold.

The attached graphic attempts to close that gap by depicting the general flow of things (on the left) and a couple of high-level actions to help guide your efforts (on the right).

Understanding the basics of each step and key actions for each will optimize your efforts and ultimately your career transition/job search results.

Be well. Keep up the fire!

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