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Strategic Talent Management

Having the right talent, ready for the right jobs, at the right time, will always be a critical concern for business leaders.


Addressing this concern starts with understanding your business strategy and the state of your talent capability to achieve it. For each aspect, function, or component of your business do you have enough of the right talent, with the right capability to do the work your strategy requires? What are your plans to close any gaps? What are you doing to prepare a pipeline for the future?


My extensive experience advising leadership teams regarding strategic talent management provides a uniquely effective resource to organizations that seek to substantially improve their talent capability and achieve strategic business objectives. Working with organizational leaders, I use a practical, rigorous, business-focused, interactive methodology.


  • Assess existing talent capability in support of business strategy

  • Identify talent capability gaps

  • Create solutions that close talent capability gaps

  • Design and implement talent management framework for sustained success

If you are looking for an experienced partner to significantly improve your organization’s talent capability, contact me today!

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