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It’s amazing what comes to mind while waiting at an airport gate …

Roots & Wings

The best success comes when one has both, and uses them well.

Roots ground us. They extend in complex patterns. They are nourished by the ground in which they are planted. Sometimes that ground is imperfect and riddled with toxic contaminants. This tainted ground may have stunted our growth, impacted how we thrive, and perhaps how we look, feel and behave. No matter where you may have been planted, the potential for success and happiness exists, if only the size of a mustard seed.

Wings on the other hand, lift us up from our roots and/or situation. They enable us to soar to new heights and destinations. They are both elegant and clumsy, until we learn how and when to use them; and this learning takes time. The air our wings traverse is often turbulent, with the pressures of lift, thrust, weight and drag continually being impacted to greater and lesser degrees by myriad forces. Some flights may be smooth and easy. Others may be life threatening, causing one to carefully consider whether “taking off” is really a good idea.

The paradox here is that life success requires both roots and wings.

Roots to keep you true to the lessons and experiences of your past, leveraging the positives and taking all steps possible to overcome the negatives and ensure they are not propagated.

Wings to set you aloft, unleashing your potential to experience new adventures, explore new destinations, enjoy new successes, and make your own unique impact on the world.

Mind them both. Employ them both.

Be well my friends. Keep up the fire.

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