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Some folks are negotiating experts, negotiating all manner of things for a living.

Then there are the rest of us...negotiations aren't our career but every now and again we need to negotiate something.

A few lessons I've learned along the way:

- Know your wants, needs, must-haves, and hard "no's". Know the other party's too. A solid result likely resides somewhere between all these.

- Be confident but don't assume anything.

- Trust your gut but don't let emotion outweigh logic.

- Don't give up too easily/soon.

- If your sole goal is to 'beat' the other party, you're not negotiating. Both sides need to walkaway with some sense of victory.

- Don't go it alone. Leverage relationships to help your cause.

- Unless a specific point is truly the only point, remember the big picture/whole deal. Singular focus on one point can derail success.

- Know when to stop negotiating; negotiating for the sake of negotiating is rarely the point.

What would you add?

Be well my friends. Keep up the fire!

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