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Let not the power of want overcome the priority of need.

What you want and what you need are two different things.

What you offer others may not be what they want or need. Let not your desire to offer overcome their want, need, or willingness/ability to accept.

Your time with another may be fleeting but your impact may be life changing. Use those precious moments to do the most good you can, even if that good doesn’t feel like a lot of fun in the moment. Know that the value of those fleeting moments may not be realized for years.

What may seem like a long term potential may not be that at all. It is what it is, and you can’t make it other than that.

Life’s greatest highs can morph into life’s lowest lows. Let not the euphoria of the high obscure the reality of the shift nor the challenges of the lows.

Care and concern for others is core to the human experience. Selfless service is core to leadership success. BUT - never forget that if you don’t care for yourself you won’t be able to best care for and serve others.

Sometimes doing what’s right is the thing you least want to do. Trust that God knows what’s going on. Pray for his guidance and strength. Keep your ears open for his voice. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open so that you might see, understand and embrace the path He is laying in front of you.

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