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Excited to share my most recent podcast guest spot, with Brock Briggs on the "Scuttlebutt Podcast".

We covered a lot of ground relevant to career transition and success, offering insights as to what hiring managers are really looking for, and how you can meet those needs. Topics include:

(04:15) - Such a thing as too much optimism?

(06:48) - Fulfilling your life's purpose

(15:36) - Understanding your passion and turning it into action

(20:52) - Knowing when to go deep and when to move on

(26:04) - Most decisions aren't fatal

(30:07) - Importance of flexibility within a framework

(37:12) - Understanding sensitivity to price as a consumer and a business owner

(43:41) - Wearing a uniform in a civilian workplace

(49:47) - The burden of proof during interviews

(55:08) - Mindset in which to enter for interviews

(01:02:42) - What to dig into when hiring

(01:14:21) - Balancing opportunity and capacity within your own business

(01:18:18) - Who is best suited for entrepreneurship

(01:22:20) - What can we implement today?

If you'd like to learn more, give me a shout!

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