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Use Your Tools & Attend to Relationships

Thursday coffee thoughts, today inspired by a recent chat with my good friend Herbert Cerna.

Military veterans generally have highly developed abilities to:

- quickly and accurately assess situations and conditions

- make appropriate and impactful decisions

- shift from analysis and decision-making to action

These are great capabilities that can add real value to any organization.

BUT - they can also intimidate others, who don't have similar backgrounds, experiences, or capabilities.

I've seen and lived it. As a military veteran entering the civilian work world, I wanted to make an impact early. I listened and learned, and leveraged my skills to quickly assess situations, develop solutions, make decisions, and initiate action.

Despite the accuracy of all my efforts, I was moving faster than many around me.

Some folks appreciated it.

Others were quite put out, and our relationships became strained.

The moral of the story?

Know your capabilities. Leverage them.

But do so in a manner that enhances relationships rather than ruffling them.

Be well. Keep up the fire!

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